Leveraging Skype as a Virtual Proctor for testing

Leveraging Skype as a Virtual Proctor for testing



 Apr 06 2020
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With the Covid19 and so many children and adults social distancing at home, many children are coming to the time of the year where testing such SAT are becoming a necessity. One issue seems to be how to provide the testing with security of a proctor while retaining a safe distance. Some accommodations have already been made such as open book testing, but the lack of proctoring seems to be a major stumbling block. Why can't that be provided through a Skype like meeting where a proctor could have visibility to up to 8 personal cameras? They could even be broken into 8 person groups with a proctor being able to switch groups. Common sense rules would need to be put in place, but I think this could breech a common concern.

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Thanks for the feedback @EricJosephson 


I would love to see how this could be implemented but I suspect you need to direct this feedback to the Dept of Education as it would be up to them to decide how to conduct examinations.