Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues

Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues



 Dec 03 2020
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I don't feel comfortable sharing my real name. on Xbox we have the option to show or not show our real name, on lots of communities we can use usernames or nicknames instead of real name, but in Microsoft Tech community, both our username/nickname And real name is displayed.

this really needs to change. add an option to show/hide real name to profile settings:



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What is the point of screennames if you can't hide your full name?  I think it is a violation of privacy to force people to display their full name and makes support forums less accessible.

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Upvoted, totally agree.

I don't feel OK about my Microsoft account name visible to anyone.

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Hello Everyone! This is a very serious matter! Because for the most part, we're not Microsoft employees. True - we act voluntarily, but in the MTC there are rules as in the company and I think that everyone should have a choice whether to disclose the name - whether it remains to register an account and internal contacts that are not public! Improvement is needed!

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Thanks for the support :)

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea, we will assess this idea along with all the ideas submitted.

Ideas are assessed as follows:


  • What is the demand for this from users? (likes)
  • Does this idea align with our community objectives? (internal)
  • Is it feasible (technically or resourcing)?
  •  What is the Level of Effort to implement it?

We will of course let you know if your idea progresses or is not in scope as soon as that decision has been made

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I wanted to add to this after the 'stock' answer, we hear you. We are currently discussion this internally. One of the original goals of Microsoft Tech Community was to allow IT Pros to be able to build a knowledge peer recognition and that becomes harder to do if you obscure the things that identify who you are. 


So its definitely not a no, and we will keep options open here and I will communicate any decision once we have made it. 

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Now I think that the openness of the participants of this Forum is an advantage of this place!

Previously, I thought it should be a personal decision (hiding the identity), but the current status should still be = unchanged.

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Of course, you can become anonymous , this is an example :

Moderator reacts too slowly to requests! - Microsoft Tech Community

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Status changed to: Closed

Hi all,


Thank you for your feedback, we have assessed this idea and decided that, while we understand the concerns raised, the Microsoft Tech Community is a community that is designed to let users build peer recognition for interesting use cases, solutions, and concepts. 

We will of course continue to listen to the community but, at this time, this does not align with our goals for this community.