Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues

Let us hide our real name in Microsoft Teach Community due to privacy issues



 Dec 03 2020
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I don't feel comfortable sharing my real name. on Xbox we have the option to show or not show our real name, on lots of communities we can use usernames or nicknames instead of real name, but in Microsoft Tech community, both our username/nickname And real name is displayed.

this really needs to change. add an option to show/hide real name to profile settings:



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What is the point of screennames if you can't hide your full name?  I think it is a violation of privacy to force people to display their full name and makes support forums less accessible.

Upvoted, totally agree.

I don't feel OK about my Microsoft account name visible to anyone.

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Hello Everyone! This is a very serious matter! Because for the most part, we're not Microsoft employees. True - we act voluntarily, but in the MTC there are rules as in the company and I think that everyone should have a choice whether to disclose the name - whether it remains to register an account and internal contacts that are not public! Improvement is needed!

Thanks for the support :)

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea, we will assess this idea along with all the ideas submitted.

Ideas are assessed as follows:


  • What is the demand for this from users? (likes)
  • Does this idea align with our community objectives? (internal)
  • Is it feasible (technically or resourcing)?
  •  What is the Level of Effort to implement it?

We will of course let you know if your idea progresses or is not in scope as soon as that decision has been made

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I wanted to add to this after the 'stock' answer, we hear you. We are currently discussion this internally. One of the original goals of Microsoft Tech Community was to allow IT Pros to be able to build a knowledge peer recognition and that becomes harder to do if you obscure the things that identify who you are. 


So its definitely not a no, and we will keep options open here and I will communicate any decision once we have made it. 

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Now I think that the openness of the participants of this Forum is an advantage of this place!

Previously, I thought it should be a personal decision (hiding the identity), but the current status should still be = unchanged.

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Of course, you can become anonymous , this is an example :

Moderator reacts too slowly to requests! - Microsoft Tech Community

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Status changed to: Closed

Hi all,


Thank you for your feedback, we have assessed this idea and decided that, while we understand the concerns raised, the Microsoft Tech Community is a community that is designed to let users build peer recognition for interesting use cases, solutions, and concepts. 

We will of course continue to listen to the community but, at this time, this does not align with our goals for this community.

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Thank you for your feedback, we have assessed this idea and decided that, while we understand the concerns raised, the Microsoft Tech Community is a community that is designed to let users build peer recognition for interesting use cases, solutions, and concepts. 


 OK fine, I just removed my Social Media links from my profile, since I don't wish this name to be linked to them.

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  1. 每一位成员都拥有决定是否展示他们的真实姓名的权利,我们的社区不应强制展现他们的真实姓名。我们的社区应坚定不移地保障用户的合法权利,坚持以用户为中心,为用户服务的原则。
  2. 在当今的社会背景下,存在着太多不确定因素,诸如网络的普及、个人信息的保存、黑客攻击、敲诈勒索等。倘若社区公布了成员的真实姓名,那么这些信息就极有可能会被别有用心的人所利用,给成员带来不必要的损失。
  3. 我相信我们的社区是一个开放的社区,但是在开放之下也应该注意个人信息的保护,而不是一味地将自己透明化。
  4. 在众多社区中已经支持用户自主设置昵称,以保护个人的信息安全。但是我发现我们社区的昵称形同虚设,因为并没有隐藏用户的真实姓名。


  • 支持用户选择是否展示自己的真实姓名。
  • 增加用户展示自己职业的选项(可以让别人知道自己的身份),同样可以让用户选择是否能让其他用户看到。
  • 避免过度收集用户的个人信息,如个人所在的企业及企业的邮箱账号等。因为如果一旦发生数据泄露,那么这将是不可估量的损失。
  • 据我所知,我们社区有站内信箱。如果用户真的已经达到了要以真实姓名与他人交流的程度的话,完全可以通过私人信箱来进行交流。这不一定要通过展示自己的真实姓名来实现。
  • 用户不是员工。我猜测贵公司可能要求员工展示自己的真实姓名以便监督、交流,但用户们不一样。用户们只是来社区交流问题、寻求帮助,我相信他们并不想让别人了解自己的隐私太多,毕竟大家都只是网友,并非线下的朋友。所以我们不能将员工与用户相提并论。


(If you agree with this suggestion, don't forget to like it, thank you!)


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Hello!I think we have the same idea,right?

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@Andy_Pang Hi "

Hello! Glad I was able to offer my advice here! Recently I discovered that everyone's profile shows their real name. I think this is inappropriate for the following reasons:

Every member has the right to decide whether or not to display their real name, and our community should not force their real name to be displayed. Our community should unswervingly protect the legitimate rights of users and adhere to the principle of user-centered and serving users.
In today's social context, there are too many uncertainties, such as the spread of the Internet, the preservation of personal information, hacking, extortion, etc. If the community publishes the real names of members, then this information is very likely to be used by people with ulterior motives, causing unnecessary losses to members.
I believe that our community is an open community, but under the openness, we should also pay attention to the protection of personal information, rather than blindly making ourselves transparent.
In many communities, users have been supported to set their own nicknames to protect personal information security. But I found our community's nickname to be useless because the user's real name was not hidden.
Here are some of the reasons I've listed, but here are my suggestions for protecting user privacy:

Enables users to choose whether to show their real name.
Adding the option for users to show their profession (which lets others know who they are) also gives users the option to see them or not.
Avoid excessive collection of users' personal information, such as the individual's company and the company's email account."


Thank you for your feedback, but I don't feel threatened at MTC

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Hello! Nice to meet you!

  As you said, MTC is really a friendly community with like-minded people who do what they can to help others, which is great. I think it is to be commended.

  However, we Chinese people have an old saying that we should take precautions in advance.It means to prevent something that hasn't happened yet, to prevent damage. Risks are always hidden in the shadows, and we may not be able to perceive them. So that was my intention when I made the proposal.

  Thank you for your opinion! I hope we can continue to exchange our views and hope you can have a good day!

(My English level is limited, if there are some grammar mistakes, please forgive me!Thanks!)



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Thank you!

Your English is Great! I also use translations - this is a good solution!



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@A1 其实我也用翻译工具。不过现在我得去学习了,再见!:smile:

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Can this be opened again so I can upvote it!