Let us Downvote ideas

Let us Downvote ideas



 Dec 11 2020
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This is very important, there are a lot of advantages about it, e.g. it will show which ideas are bad, which ideas are least favorite etc.

Edge insider community is planning to add Ideas section to their community and this will be very useful to be able to Downvote ideas.


As I understood that's platform limitation for downvotes I'm bit confused with Upvote button (or icon?) here - Microsoft Tech Community. Perhaps some changes from that time.

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Core behavior and can't change it. great


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Would love to change it.. I am going to keep your idea @HotCakeX  because I really want to have this as well.


I will of course let you know if this changes. 

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Thank you Mr.@Allen 

that's a good news

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Status changed to: On Hold

Changing status as we are awaiting technical capability changes to the platform.