Let us Downvote ideas

Let us Downvote ideas



 Dec 11 2020
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This is very important, there are a lot of advantages about it, e.g. it will show which ideas are bad, which ideas are least favorite etc.

Edge insider community is planning to add Ideas section to their community and this will be very useful to be able to Downvote ideas.


As I understood that's platform limitation for downvotes I'm bit confused with Upvote button (or icon?) here - Microsoft Tech Community. Perhaps some changes from that time.

Core behavior and can't change it. great


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Would love to change it.. I am going to keep your idea @HotCakeX  because I really want to have this as well.


I will of course let you know if this changes. 

Thank you Mr.@Allen 

that's a good news

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Status changed to: On Hold

Changing status as we are awaiting technical capability changes to the platform.

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Not agreed, this is not a YouTube, so when there are an interesting idea people just Upvote it.

There is no need to have downvote feature.

Normally, people with more vote and other criteria should be given higher priority.

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I put forward the idea that the vote should have two indicators (votes of support) with a counter.

And ( votes against ) with a counter.

So you can better assess the support or opposition to an unnecessary idea in the Community!

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Currently, there is no interest in ideas - or it is negligible.

Not everyone participates in discussions, but they often give likes and vote.

I think that the current technical capabilities in MTC will not be an obstacle to the implementation of this idea.

Then this can be extended to other discussions in MTC

Please support and vote.  

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Hi  @Reza_Ameri

Please explain this:

 "Normally, people with more vote and other criteria should be given higher priority."


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Thank you for your question @A11, let me clarify this statement.

When there is new idea if people like it, they will vote for it, in case they don't like it they don't vote. Then feature with more votes means it is more popular and it consider popular so there is no need to downvote. Other criteria are things like feasibility, technical issues and so on. 

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Yes, but the counter of votes against the idea -> increases activity and causes the discussion to develop as more constructive!

I am sure that in MTC this is a modern idea that will be adopted.

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I can see both sides of this debate.


For example:


An idea gets submitted and it gets 150 votes, but because there is no "down vote" we don't know that 15,000 don't like the idea. So, we go and implement the idea because it's the most upvoted idea and make 150 people happy only to find we have upset 15,000 people (I am deliberately being extreme on the numbers here).


However, down voting feels like unconstructive feedback and if instead, as is happening here, a discussion about the idea breaks out then the idea may get improved upon in the course of the discussion and a way found that makes both group of users happy. Instead of just "Down voting" which to me sounds a bit like "Your idea sucks but I am not going to tell you why I think that".


I mean either way it's a moot point right now as the system just doesn't support it. 

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I understand, but if there were technical possibilities -> would it be like in You Tube?

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@Allen, I understand your points, I believe there is need to discuss more on this issue.

@Allen Very good points,

Seeing how many downvotes and upvotes an idea has can give us the complete picture and not just one side of the story.