Laptop disappeared project.

Laptop disappeared project.



 Oct 07 2019
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Dear feedback groups:

I am a Taiwanese who lived at Taouyan city in Taiwan(R.O.C.). I am a doctor of subspecialty of medicine as well as emergency, and I have experience of using keyboard and mouse more than twenty years. I find that something about mouse and keyboard set up is not appropriate, according to our physiological and neurological function, which means nature of our body.

1. How to use our brain appropriately through the keyboard and mouse.

For a long time, we always use mouse by our right hand, in most situation, we use our right index most frequently. However, according to the the cortex of our brain, it’s not physiological and neurological fit for our brain of the cortex. We can see the figure below.



Obviously, our most agile finger is thumb and the associated muscle of the thumb, and we hardly use our thumb to control the mouse. Therefore, I suggest that our thumb must do more than 3 kinds of job associated with computer usage, and it need to be strictly defined.

2. There are so many problem about keyboard downsizing as for laptop. We always need to sacrifice some function of the keyboard of it’s typical size in order to let the keyboard size compatible with the laptop.

3. My ideas is to move some button on the keyboard to the left side of the mouse, and in order to use to thumb or our brain more logically at the same time.

4. There are repeated button on the keyboard such as Ctrl, Shift and Alt. They repeated twice, and in my experience of usage. I only need one rather than a pair of the same button. The left side Ctrl, Shift and Alt can be replace by page up, page down, home and end. This will provide advantage that when we view a website, we can coordinate our both hand. We use right hand to control mouse and left hand to control page up, page down, home and end. We don’t need to move our left hand about ¾ distance of the keyboard to press the button, which is not nature in our body movement. When we view the website, all we need to do is use left hand to control page up, page down, home and end, and scroll by right index.

5. In addition to that, much function of Ctrl, Shift and Alt can be set on the mouse, and the place should be easily press by the thumb in 3 kinds of movement. Theoretically, we can learn to use without much difficult, because this is what our neurological functions are, that is, our thumb is more agile from our nature. If we are lazy, we only use control button by the thumb and F from the left hand, then we can find things on the page. Second, we can copy and paste in the same way. Third, if page down and page up is more easily to use, then we will across the website more quickly than it used to be. Just need to think about we don’t need to move our left hand, which is more convenient than we cross our left hand ¾ of the keyboard. And this will also downsize the keyboard. Fourth, every time we need Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+P, we can simply use mouse by thumb press on the Crl and use only left index finger to press. Most of this kinds of situation, we always need a mouse, select a sentence by a mouse, we use Ctrl by the thumb and use left index to press C, V, F and P. That means, we use our hands in a most efficient way. Left index is the most agile finger of ours. Right thumb and right index are 1st and 2nd agile finger of ours. Maybe, somebody will wonder that we always use keyboard more when we process our file. I just want to emphasized that what I am provided is additional function, that make downsized the keyboard with boosting some additional function. The original user will have no deprivation of keyboard usage, because we don’t need a pair of Ctrl, Shift and Alt. Think about lazy user of computer, and think about when one button iphone is more successful than 3 button android. We need start to make keyboard and mouse with more humanity. There are also a lot things that I want to illustrate. But I don’t think that can be accomplished by one man at one time. Insert, delet, →, ←, ↾ and ⇃ on the keyboard will surely move it’s place. If this article have any point that your groups recognized, then I want to say that it’s only the an embryo for now, and still a long way to go. I just think it will success, theoretically.



Mr. Chen, Hou Wen

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