Integrating xbox

Integrating xbox



 Nov 27 2020
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This is a basic idea of having a windows 10 flavour enabling xbox. This is the idea for the people who has gaming pc but cannot play xbox in it as it is a product of microsoft

The one who buys windows 10 xbox edition those will be getting a authenticated device that will works only with the OEM while installation only. So by this who has a premium desktop they can enjoy the xbox feature with some premium adding to windows 10.

If a person lost and cannot insert device at every installation which leads to failure of activated xbox series and the premium locene for it will be lost. As it wont cost much than buying a new XBOX he will be charged for it and later he can enjoy the services.

This is a rough plan of getting XBOX directly into gaming desktop with recommended specs to handle upto the mark.

And hes it is with a caution only.

But there is really no reason for this as all of the Xbox exclusive titles are now exclusive to Xbox AND PC. and Xbox live features are available to Windows 10 gamers too. I'm myself a huge fan of Xbox titles and play them on PC with my Xbox friends or other PC players.

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