Integrating open AI - with Microsoft 365 environment

Integrating open AI - with Microsoft 365 environment



 Jan 25 2023
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I have started giving thoughts upon using open AI and integrating it with Microsoft 365 environment to automate most of the process at efficient level at different layers organization... 




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Perhaps the AI could be applied to pedagogy, capturing people's expressions and nearby noise levels to roughly infer the user's psychological stress level. If the user is stressed, perhaps the probability of pushing for white noise or forest nature music could be slightly adjusted. This mode can be linked to the switch of the focus assistant.

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I will compare your idea to inviting people from all over the world to your home and everyone would have a key and could do with it what they want.

Do so and write how it will help the household members.

Unleashing the power of AI with Azure OpenAI: A simple guide to get started. - Microsoft Community H...

It seems like it's already working, so Microsoft has already implemented your idea!

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Hello! This is an idea space intended for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for other products or services. Sorry about that. 


I'm not sure exactly where to send you to submit this as an idea for Microsoft - we do have the Feedback Portal ( but no specific area as broad as Microsoft 365 there, and the Feedback Hub ( which is primarily for Windows.


But you can feel free to post your suggestion in the AI Hub or the Microsoft 365 community on the Tech Community to share and bounce ideas off of other members of the community! 

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Perhaps pedagogy could utilise AI to infer a user's psychological stress level by observing their facial expressions and the ambient noise level. Perhaps the likelihood of pressing for white noise or forest nature music should be slightly altered if the user is under stress. This mode may be connected to the focus assistant switch.