Incredible annoying login with wrong account

Incredible annoying login with wrong account



 Jun 21 2021
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Hey everyone,


this problem is probably just annoying a few guys in total, but since I created an Exchange Online Account which is linked to my browser, I can't sign in into my old MTC Account without any signing out of the new MS account from EXO.


I sign out, I want to sign in again and just get logged in into my new account, without even asking for changing the account. Maybe you guys can make instead of the official Microsoft log-in window also an external MTC log-in page.


I just use my EXO env only for training purposes. It's for real annoying.


Best regards



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Now I had to switch the browser, still really annoying haha

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@MyBackup ( MyBackup )


Hi, please create a new profile in your browser - syncing the Microsoft account that was registered in the Community!

This will cause the default settings that you will log in to the MTC automatically!

Just switch to another profile - write if it works?

@Schnittlauch , clean cookies, usually that helps.

As a comment, that's better to place in Community Discussions, not in Ideas

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Thank you @AndrzejX it's working now. Still in the first moment super annoying.

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