Improving the onboarding flow for new members

Improving the onboarding flow for new members



 Sep 06 2017
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How can the Microsoft Tech Community better welcome and encourage new members? One suggestion I have is to improve the 'Learn More' link on the front page.  At the moment it just goes straight to the Community Info Center listing the latest activity in this space. 


Microsoft Tech Community Lean More 3.gif


This is such a lost opportunity! It doesn't help potential new members at all, to get any real info they would have to navigate to the 'Getting Started' space and read the relevant posts.  How many people will spend the time to do this or will just loose interest more likely?  Here are just a few additional ideas:


  • Pin some getting started resources or guides to the Community Info Center
  • Even better change the 'Learn More' link to go straight to a getting started guide
  • Have some additional resources, a cheat sheet, infographic, map to all the communities, scavenger hunt etc. anything that promotes new (and potential) members to explore and engage with the community

I write this as possibly being one of the biggest fans of the Microsoft Tech Community, which is why I wrote Why I love the Microsoft Tech Community. I also have attempted a short introduction into the Microsoft Tech Community here Your 5 minute guide to the Microsoft Tech Community and have written a getting started guide on the TechNet Wiki - Microsoft Tech Community: Getting Started amongst other things. 


I'd be interested in anyone else's thoughts!


Cian, great idea, fully support

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And here I am a very new member of the community. My full support goes to your ideas. I did lose some interest to see that Getting Started thing.


I just found following typo in the second paragraph of your post.


-Best Wishes


@Cian Allner wrote:
How many people will spend the time to do this or will just loose interest
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I like this idea, probably more so the part about exposing "Getting started" content on the front page, I think the community Info Centre is perhaps a little to burried. 


Even if it was something that appeared only for the first 30 days you were a member of the community I think this would help.


I will discuss this with our team and see what we can come up with.


Thank you for suggesting it.

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Thanks @Allen for the support.  I think this would be a positive change and help ease new potential members into signing up, getting started with all the options and becoming active members.

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There has been a ton of growth in the Microsoft Tech Community over the past 2 years. Simply amazing.

I travel the country and speak at various events, and I like to interact with the audience. One of the first questions I ask is whether or not they are members of the Microsoft Tech Community. Shockingly, the results are surprisingly low - somewhere around 2% of our session attendees.

Other than strongly encouraging, not sure what else I can do as an individual to help evangelize this great community, short of promoting it in person and through social channels. 

Open to suggestions! 


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Hey @David Leveille, agreed the Tech Community has been a revelation and has grown immensely.   I also help evangelize the Tech Community in my own way.  While growing numbers are great, it's also about making sure existing members keep coming back and feel connected to the community.  Some new or revised getting started resources I think would serve this very well, with welcoming new members or helping those looking to join.

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We are planning to do some work on this in 2018 however exactly when in 2018 is TBC

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Thanks @Allen for the update, great to hear this is still on the agenda and will be looked at further.

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Guess i may be one of them...loll but I did spend quite some time to figure some of it. Eyes are hurting is why i'm dipping for a while.

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great :light_bulb: tho Cian Allner

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Hi all,


I am fixing a bug with status ideas which has resulted in allot of our ideas having wrong statuses. This one is currently under review.


@Cian Allner  - Would you mind if I changed the title of the idea to: Improve the onboarding experience for new users?

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@Allen No problem, please change the title accordingly.

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We will be doing a review of our on-boarding experience this year and this feedback will be feed into that process, stay tuned for updates!

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