Improvements to the Web Capture Tool

Improvements to the Web Capture Tool



 Oct 31 2023
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The Web Capture Tool in Edge is brilliant, because it lets you share or save content really easy from within the browser, I love that.


But I think we need to take this further. I find myself every day having to screenshot the image, take it to paint, add some text, add some (pixelated) arrows, etc. I think a new set of tool will be needed in this section, besides de Ink. Let's say:

- Text Box (with colos)

- Quick Shapes (Circles, Rectangles, Arrows, Lines, just to begin)

- Maybe a gaussian blur brush (to allow the user to hide details from screenshot)

- Maybe the option to add some emojis (which nowadays a thing)


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Community Manager

Hello! Thanks for the idea, but this idea space is only intended for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website itself.


For ideas for Edge, please go here: Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app - Microsoft Support