IIS for MAC OS and Ubuntu

IIS for MAC OS and Ubuntu



 Nov 29 2020
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Hi there microsoft  Developers   


I would like to ask for this favour  if possible  to build one webserver similar to IIS  for MAC OS and Linux   Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos  


i believe microsoft  can do this and we need a great webserver   as IIS  on linux    


using  apache and  Nginxy    

to host  asp net  core and asp net pages  on ubuntu and MAC OS 


another software  to be added  on the IIS  is   to be all in one software   as  


IIS  web server   

RTMP, RTSP,  for video  sharing using database  

mail server  for host the  mail from users  

FTP  server   and a list with all users and directories  permissions 


and add one control panel   as AApanel  for  web  users  control the server from outside 






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i think the best place to share it is in Feedback hub app.

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