Ideas to Save Energy

Ideas to Save Energy



 May 26 2021
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You can save lots of energy and manual intervention by adding an option to shut down the device after the operation is completed.


Few places we can have this option is.


1. Copying of files - Give a checkbox that says "Shut down after copy"

2. Downloading of files. - Give a checkbox that says "Shut down after download"


Also in shut down, direct options like Shut down after 1 or 2 or 3 hours, should also help. 


Often before leaving the desk, we either need to cancel or wait for some action to finish. In all such places, we can have this option. 


This Ideas branch is only about how to improve TechCommunity itself, if you mean Windows or concrete app it's better to share on related space.

As for me I don't like such idea. That could be "Update and Shutdown" as it is now, but with copy/ downloading of something I'd like to be sure they are really were copied before sing-out. 


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