I suggest that the community can support changing the username and add a mechanism to detect whether

I suggest that the community can support changing the username and add a mechanism to detect whether



 Apr 24 2020
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Hello everyone! My recommendations are as follows:
    1.The community can support users to change their usernames. Because sometimes we accidentally choose the wrong username during the registration process, and fall into the embarrassing situation that the user cannot change the username after registering. However, if this feature is available, we can correct the wrong username.
    2.I suggest that the community add a mechanism to detect whether the user name is registered. Because no one wants to see names imitated by others. This recommendation also applies to the first recommendation.

    3.I also hope that the translation in some places in the community is more accurate, such as announcements, usernames and post content.
    I hope my suggestion will be accepted, thank you!

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I am very uncomfortable with my username written in cyrillic letters - the same with my colleagues that do not speak russian.

Also, if two people with identical names will register on TechCommunity - what will happen? The later registered will get the uglier username? And it will stay forever.


I suggest to remove inheritance of usernames from Microsoft accounts and let people choose them freely without significant restrictions.

Sounds useful, Upvoted.

to prevent abuse, Microsoft can put a 2 weeks cool down timer between each user name changes.

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Hello! All you need to do to change your username is to email us at techcommunity@microsoft.com and we will do it for you. We reserve the right to do this currently to avoid frequent name changes.


I'll tag our tech lead @Allen about the idea of a cooldown timer.

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HI Andy,

Really each one of these should be separated ideas but let me flesh them out with you here and then split them when I understand them better.


1. We already support users changing their usernames, however to stop people changing their username every week and to help encourage and build trust in the community users need to contact the Microsoft Tech Community Team to request a name change. We are however considering if we could add some sort of automated limit to the number of times users can change their username i.e. once ever 3 months or something.


2. The system already checks if the name is already in use and wont let you select one thats already in use. This however didn't used to be the case and so we are in a situation at the moment where about half the community have unique user names and the other may not. We have a plan to ask all the remaining users to select a unique username in the future.


3. The translations are all done via AI at the moment, the learning system will also learn the more we use it but if there is any specific content that is poorly translated we would love to hear about it, with what it should be, so we can update the AI and help it learn.



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Points 1 and 2 have already been addressed and we are continuing to "teach" our AI Translation engine