I propose the Logo project for the Microsoft Community!

I propose the Logo project for the Microsoft Community!



 Aug 03 2021
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Of course, this is just a proposal, but it would be great if such a logo was created - it could replace the large image that we receive in emails.

I look forward to your feedback and support.




Projekt MTC.png

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 Please this is another suggestion:projekkt MTC -2.png

Not sure what this topic about. To change


on something else? From my point of view it works fine.

By the way, "MCT Community" means "Microsoft Tech Community Community".

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@Sergei Baklan


Okay, but I just want a logo that will be a trademark and provide a lot of recognition - already without this image in every email.

And what you shared - this is not a LOGO! 

What I care most about is to remove the unnecessary image and replace it with a small logo that will be a sufficient graphic sign of this Community, of course the target project is to be prepared by specialists.


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Hey guys, I recommend replacing the black background with a def rent colour maybe, what do u think?

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Of course, this can be designed differently , but now support is needed for this idea - thank you in advance for this .


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