How to follow tags & Labels across communities and blogs? Idea: RSS

How to follow tags & Labels across communities and blogs? Idea: RSS



 Oct 12 2017
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Do you agree it would be a great idea to have RSS feeds enabled for topic tags? Take this tag page as an example:

It has posts from multiple blogs and communities.


I know MTC supports RSS feeds by space, but I'm looking for feeds across spaces.


On that note (!), it could be useful to allow notifications for multiple tags in one custom feed, e.g. 'OneNote', 'One Note', 'notes'. I hope this is feasible.



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@Marjolein Hoekstra


Thanks for your idea, this is an ask that other communities have asked for and I have added our weight to it and I will circle back here with updates as they become available. 

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@Marjolein Hoekstra 


So digging deeper on this, most good RSS Readers will let you filter on tag but we use labels almost exclusively on the Tech Community as a result the labels can not be filtered on. I do not currently know how we are going to solve for this but I will keep it on hold while we identify a technical solution


I think this is an excellent idea.  AVD services updates are posted under the "AVDUpdate" tag and I have no way of getting only that info, instead I'm bombarded with user posts that I don't care about.

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Still no update on support for this outside blogs, in blogs we already support filter by label.


I am also extending this idea to be labels and Tags as they are virtually the same and in the next version of the platform there is plans to do away with tags and labels, combining them into one type of meta data.

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+1 as the new windows server insider release notes are also based on labels in a forum. 


I really just want to keep an eye on the new versions and not have to see the other posts about users having issues etc. While most readers seem to support filtering most seem to lock this behind a premium tier, not to mention it requires manual setup etc