Holistic HybridCloud Solution

Holistic HybridCloud Solution



 Jul 26 2020
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Myself parveez and currently working as an IT head for one of luxury retail group.


As we are growing with the latest technologies to enhance our productivity and to leverage the ease of doing it as always been at the helm of all the organisations from last couple of years and now ever since we are pushed into this pandemic of covid-19 we are now critical on adapting new technologies that will not only have significant boost to our businesses but also to deal with such pandemics.


My idea is to have a total holistic solution with hybrid and cloud so that the businesses have lesser impact and should be in a better position to deal with such future pandemics.

Therefore i have certain reservations and an idea to have such a solution and i am mentioning below with some points to ponder and i do not know if Microsoft already has such project or working on it.

1. Quantum or a Super computer server at on premises with windows active directory and terminal server.

2. All users will have a thin client where they can login to the domain.

Only users will be created in active directory and there should not be option of domain joining at the user level.

3. Thin client basically should not have an OS as it should only have a network port + wifi + anti virus and RDP tool like say "MSTSC" where they can login to the terminal server and work on all of their required applications.

Note: Here the most important thing would be to login from thin client only with an RDP tool at the user level.

4 Similar setup at the cloud with database and server synchronization which not only be used as an backup but also to switch at any given time.


The most important point from above is number 3. Can we have such an customized thin client that can have only RDP without an operating system.


Please see if this would ever be possible as it could help lot of your customers to look at this in a cost effective and hassle free maintenance of IT industry.




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Hello - this is an ideas board specifically around the Microsoft Tech Community website, not around product ideas. Sorry about that.


You might try the Azure UserVoice: https://feedback.azure.com/forums/34192--general-feedback