Group work/ Sharing

Group work/ Sharing



 Jan 04 2021
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For example, During the lesson, in one auditory has 10 students. In order to using board, in auditory has one big monitor or screen. I have an idea for which screen divide 10 parts and in one auditory 10 students can used it in one time. Every student has its own keypad and mouse. It may help us, One screen may used 10 goals in one time or group of scientists may discuss or work one problem in one time used one big screen or monitor. It is useful not to waste a lot of energy, time and money. Please, read my idea. I think, it is interesting. Thank you for your attention. I will wait your answers.
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Hello! This is a space for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, so your idea is out of the scope here. Sorry about that.

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