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 Nov 19 2020
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Groove yard is a musical app that's aimed at promoting the music industry thus bring much benefit to the artists.
Radio- In recent times i have noted that many phone companies are doing away with the radio app.,but what if the radio app was made more exciting.This can be realised by utilizing the live broadcasting on radio stations thus giving listeners a chance to watch or listen .During the musical breaks we make things more exciting by enabling fast video search on phones whereby the user has the chance to watch the original musical video of the song playing at that moment. When the song is done the radio should switch itself automatically to either listening or live broadcasting.
All this can be achieved by using AI to first searching the music playing amd play its video automatically whenever the user wishes.
Music downloads - music piracy has always been a thorn in the flesh for how about we helped the artists promote their music at a small fee and make the listeners appreciate the artists.By so doing enable lyrical background or automatic video play for every music downloaded by the user but only charge them once.The music history video playback should be backed on the cloud to avoid any unnecessary consumption of storage on the users phone.
Music search- The app should also have an interface whereby users can search music playing on a certain background and have additional preferences like details about the artist , album, alike and a dislike option.
Music Ranking- The app should have a music ranking option and upload option for the artist.
Groove yard should also be enabled for connections with other devices like computers/tv in case the user wants to enjoy music by watching the video or lyrics.
Once a user is charged for watching a video or lyrics of a phone for their first download should not be charged again even in the case of deleting and downloading it.Radio is still part of the African community and other people in different parts of the world so i believe the App will be received so well and other features can also be added.
I stand to be corrected if i sound misinformed
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