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Games for windows live



 Feb 05 2021
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Hello my name is Evan Watts I'm a loyal Xbox player and I love Microsoft I really would like it if Microsoft would bring back a way to access games for windows live even if you've never had an account I'd really like to earn some of those achievements on thier like Halo 2 thanks a lot
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you can get all those achievements through the new Halo Master Chief Collection, aka Halo MCC


it has 700 achievements worth 7000 gamerscore ^^


i personally play it on PC and love it. you can track your achievements using Xbox game bar on Windows 10


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Yeah but it's not the same and it's not just halo that I want to earn.the G's in

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Well GFWL has been deprecated a long time ago, all the features are available, plus more, on Xbox Live services. all the games that relied on Games for Windows Live services have received patches so that they won't need it anymore.

some of those games that I also own is Resident Evil 5, GTA EFLC.


don't worry about the G's, just get the game pass and you get Tons of games to play and get their achievements. merely in the past 7 months, I managed to get ~100K gamerscore on just my PC.