Freeze Option in Teams while presenting screen.

Freeze Option in Teams while presenting screen.



 Feb 16 2021
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There should be Freeze option to be available in MS Teams, so that while presenting our screen, we can freeze our current window & do whatever we want without letting viewers.

Viewers only can see the window which we freezed and once we are ready with our new content to show, we can unfreeze that presentation to let viewers see our current live screen.

Its like a Freeze option we have in most of the Projectors we use in face to face meetings or presentation.

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I really miss this feature from WebEx. I present my screen multiple times through the day and need to usually make some quick updates on a separate window while people are still discussing what's on the screen. Making any changes during that discussion looks unprofessional and throws them off at times, which is why I need an extra monitor in order to avoid this. The pause sharing or freeze sharing feature would be really welcome and a great addition to MS Teams.

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