Flagging notifications as read

Flagging notifications as read



 Jan 10 2018
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When I see the bell icon displaying a number, I click on the bell, read one item and the bell goes blank eventhough I have not read all my notifications. It should not do this, just imagine how confusing it would be if this happened in our email inbox.

The notification count shown in the bell should change as each notification item is read. If a user does not want to read all of them, they should be able mark ALL as Read somehow.

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@Dean Gross,


Thanks for another great suggestion - this is actually an idea submitted to lithium from other customers so as soon as the functionality is there to support this we will look into implementing it. 

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Status changed to: New Idea
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Status changed to: On Hold

Putting on hold until I get an update from Khoros.


Will share an update as soon as I have one. 

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+1 Having to open all notification items individually (each taking > 6 seconds to load) my biggest pet peeve. Mark All would solve this easily.