Flagging notifications as read

Flagging notifications as read



 Jan 10 2018
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When I see the bell icon displaying a number, I click on the bell, read one item and the bell goes blank eventhough I have not read all my notifications. It should not do this, just imagine how confusing it would be if this happened in our email inbox.

The notification count shown in the bell should change as each notification item is read. If a user does not want to read all of them, they should be able mark ALL as Read somehow.

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@Dean Gross,


Thanks for another great suggestion - this is actually an idea submitted to lithium from other customers so as soon as the functionality is there to support this we will look into implementing it. 

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Status changed to: New Idea
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Status changed to: On Hold

Putting on hold until I get an update from Khoros.


Will share an update as soon as I have one. 

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+1 Having to open all notification items individually (each taking > 6 seconds to load) my biggest pet peeve. Mark All would solve this easily.

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Dear techcommunity team. Would like to flag a circumstance, which I believe is of internal technical of this board. 

When clicking on my avatar on the top right, I gain access to a "notifications" and see the amount of unread ones.


Yet after opening this area, and reading one of the notification, all other notifications, even different threads, get marked as read (PC, Android) no matter what. This is quite cumbersome if you want to follow-up your unread notifications

What could I do, to prevent all get marked read, or what could be done to prevent this?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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@K_Wester-Ebbinghaus  Hi,

I understand your point of view, but the current behavior is fine.

I have over 2,000 subscriptions, so I only choose the ones I'm interested in - that's why the current behavior of notifications is better.

I would not like the counter to add more notifications that I did not open.

Of course, only marking, not open notifications is a good idea :)


We speak about Messages or about Notification Feed?


If (Private) Messages they are not marked as read automatically. If Notification Feed I'd prefer for it the same behaviour, but afraid that never be done since that's a feed.

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@Sergei Baklan @A1 hi

I believe I made a mistake in the description. 


So I like to point out it's notifications not messages. 


1. Have unread notifications

2. Open notifications 

3. See unread notifications counter and unread notifications (bold) 

4. Read one notification

5. Return back to notifications 

6. All notifications are marked "as if read".

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"All notifications are marked "as if read".

Yes - this is a good solution for me - because I can not mark as (read) manually


Okay, we speak about notifications. Yes, I fully agree. Perhaps that's better to move into Ideas. Anyway, upvoted.


In general you can as in PM, but don't want to do that. Okay, understood. The compromise could be "Mark all as read" button. 

We work in different scenarios, more flexibility the better.

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Dear @Sergei Baklan thank you for your support. I have clarified my OP.


What would be the next steps to get this behaviour fixed? 


That's more to Microsoft Techcommunity team. In any case I'd submit that as new Idea here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/tech-community-ideas/idb-p/Community-Feedback.

One day someone from Microsoft will comment it and refuse, postpone or put on the radar. Hope with explanations. Just don't expect fast answer, that could take months.

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I will ask the Manager to move this post to the MTC Idea Space - so as not to waste time rewriting the same topic - rather it will be possible after checking by a moderator.

Good luck!

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Hello! I have the opposite situation! Notifications don't disappear!
If you set your browser to paranoid mode and disable all trackers, the site engine will be isolated and the notification will disappear (one) when you open it in a new tab! Good luck!

Oops, 5+ years old idea. Not the oldest among ones which are still open, nonetheless...

Upvoting. After I did only 1 upvote exists. I'm suspicious Dean' idea wasn't upvoted before. Or it appeared when upvoting didn't exist?

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I'm very happy that I don't have to manually mark the notifications as read. This is already annoying enough with the messages. A mark all as read button would solve that issue, though, if it were no longer automatic.

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Thank you @Daniel Niccoli good point. A mark all read should be implemented as it is with messages.