File Access Prompt and Meeting Forward Notifications

File Access Prompt and Meeting Forward Notifications



 Jul 14 2021
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Hi Team!


I have two ideas that I would like to submit which would greatly add the user experience of O365 users:


1. While sharing a file with a specific set of users, we add the individual names of the people we intend to share them. After sending/sharing, we are notified from certain users that they do not have access to the file shared and they would like access. To avoid this, it would be great that while adding users, we can be notified that certain people do not have access to this file. This will reduce time wasted as people end up waiting to get access, esp in fast moving projects. Microsoft does provide a similar feature when we add "Out of Office" people to an invite saying these users are sending automatic replies.


2. Even when a user forwards a meeting that was organized by him/her, they get a forward notification. Apologies if I am missing something, but I do not see the point of this notification.

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Hello! The Tech Community Ideas space you've posted in is only for ideas about the Microsoft Tech Communtiy website, not about products such as Office 365. Sorry about that.


See below for providing ideas and feedback on Office 365: