Feature to dock form on windows OS

Feature to dock form on windows OS



 May 18 2020
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It will be great if in the future it will be possible to dock forms. for example, if I need to use 2 file folder forms each time that I am moving between the forms the other form is minimized (regular behavior of windows) but if OS could allow me to dock one/multiple forms (just like Microsoft visual studio for example), my work will be much more productive and the user experience will be improved dramatically, I heard that a lot of users choosing apple mac because they claim that working with multiple forms and file system menus are much easier (don't know because I have never used or going to use a mac).




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Hello! While we appreciate the suggestion, you've posted it in the Community Ideas board, which is only intended for ideas for the Tech Community website, not product ideas.


I'm not sure which products you're speaking about - it looks like maybe Microsoft Forms?


If it is Forms, we'd recommend posting your suggestion on their UserVoice here where they track them: https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box

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