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Event Registration Website



 Dec 28 2017
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We as community leaders and event organizer, normally need tools to be able to automate our event registration. What I am working on is using Microsoft Flow + Microsoft Form and Microsoft Exchange to achieve this, but sometimes I face limitations. The alternative I used is Eventbrite website. It would have been nice if we had event registration website where people could register there and it facilitate for online and offline event including publish event registration card and so on. Something similar to Eventbrite. Microsoft has a system for Microsoft Event and it would have been nice to have access to it for our community event registration or we could setup something in Office365 platform or work with Office365 to enhance MS Form and MS Flow and add some more web app on Office365 to be able to facilitate our event organization.

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Welcome to the community, you raise some very good ideas around things speakers and community event leaders need. I will keep your idea under review and share more with you as soon as I can on what the future direction for this space will include. 

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At this time this is outside the scope of what we will be able to offer, if you wish to create ideas for Microsoft Forms or Microsoft Flow for improvements to help you meet this objective.