Edge + XCloud and possibly a Universal Windows Store on the cloud for linux!

Edge + XCloud and possibly a Universal Windows Store on the cloud for linux!



 Oct 13 2020
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Hello since XCloud is offered in browser for iOS why not hasten porting Microsoft Edge browser to Linux? From what i gather the set timeline is Oct-Nov this year? My idea basically is

a) Allow Edge to be installed in any linux distro via appimage, flatpak or snap

b) Allow XCloud in Edge Browser to be "installed as an app" on linux desktop/start menu/dock!

After thinking for a bit i have another even bigger idea but i guess it would require more expertise, resources and/or time but i feel in the long term it would be well worth it!

c) Converting *all* past 32 bit and current 64 bit windows apps/software to an appimage than can run on any linux distro and possibly android! All "appimaged" windows app can be stored in a Windows Cloud Store. Appimage don't even need to be installed so in theory one could directly run these applimaged windows apps off this cloud store but advancements  in software/hardware can make it feel as if the user is running it off local ssd/hdd?


for c) instead of Microsoft dedicating all the hardware for conversion why not make it a Global Volunteer project such as SETI@home and volunteers get rewarded with free access to play games on xcloud for a period of time based on how many hours in a day they turn over their machine to the project? Have a "Compute Units" measurement that is transparent and easy to understand? In fact if the response is great more volunteer projects can be done by Microsoft not just to offload hardware requirements to the community but also reward them with previews of products/services Microsoft has to offer currently and in the future! 

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