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 Aug 13 2016
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I think there should be a section dedicated to Dynamics 365 since it is so closely related to things that reside in O365 such as the common data model, Flow etc.
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Thanks for the suggestion! This is something we're working on and should have an update soon. Stay tuned!

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Status changed to: Under review
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We are talking to the Dynamics team about setting up communities here - watch this space @Magnus Ramfelt!

@Magnus Ramfelt wrote:
I think there should be a section dedicated to Dynamics 365 since it is so closely related to things that reside in O365 such as the common data model, Flow etc.


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@Anna Chu, it has been 2 months and nothing has happened, What is taking so long? during this time period Dynamics 365 has unexpectedly shown up in our tenants even though we don't have licenses. My clients have questions, and we don't have any place in this community to get answers from reliable sources.

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With @Daniel Martins on board we have someone focused on creating the Dynamics community here.  Appreciate your patience!


Thanks all for the ideas here. This is definetly under review on our backlog, we`re working on it.

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I'd also love to see a dynamics space, looking forward. Greetings, Marta

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@Daniel Martins @Anna Chu We are a year down the track since this was first requested and there appears to be no movement on the request for a Dynamics 365 Community on here. You mentioned putting this on your backlog could it now be put on your frontlog! I am not sure what needs to be worked on apart from creating the Community and the related spaces. It would be great for us to not have to hop between Microsoft Forums/Communities etc and have it all under one roof, as other people have mentioned there is cross over between Office 365 and Dynamics 365. A lot of us on here are Microsoft Partners and therefore are driving your products for you, so your support in this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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Is this ever going to happen?

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I think that's a fair question @Dean Gross and its one I will set about getting a final answer on and update you all. 

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be great to see a dynamics community, gets my vote


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@Allen have you a final answer on this question?
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@Tanya Denton


Nothing concrete yet - starting this conversation took us to another conversation about some other communities to onboard. If we get them on-board it's my expectation that dynamics will follow either shortly after or possibly at the same time.


I will of course share, as soon as I can, more detail. 


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@Allen, many thanks for the update Allen
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@Allen any news?
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I am afraid not, at this time the Dynamics 365 Community remains here.



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Status changed to: On Hold

I am changing this to 'On Hold' at this time.


The Dynamics Team have their own community but we will continue discussions with them and as soon as we can deliver a community which is supported by the product team I will update this idea. 

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Status changed to: Completed

Completed, kind of... We have created a landing page for Dynamics 365 in the Microsoft Tech Community. When you land on it, it will give you a link to the Dynamics 365 community.

Unfortunately I do not see us having a Tech Community native Dynamics 365 community in the near term

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