Disable posting a reply until user has signed in

Disable posting a reply until user has signed in



 Sep 03 2019
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I took the time to answer a user's question today, submitted it and  …


Nothing.  It disappeared.  No warning, nothing to suggest I'd done anything wrong.


Possibly/probably this is because I hadn't signed in but if that's the case, the UI shouldn't allow me to type an answer and/or at the very least should warn me that it's about to toss everything I've written into the trash (and at that point offer to let me sign in before it blows everything away).


Whatever you do, NEVER blitz the text an answerer may have spent a fair amount of time researching/entering (luckily that wasn't the case this time, but it's left a bad taste/distrust)


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@Steve Rindsberg 


Thank you for submitting this idea. We attempted to replicate the issue you are experiencing but were not able to see the same result. Could you provide more detail on how this issue is currently duplicated? Please be sure to note the browser being used, the URL for the page you are posting on and any other pertinent information to help us troubleshoot. Thank you

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Unable to duplicate, closing issue.