Desktop Bookmark or Stasis

Desktop Bookmark or Stasis



 May 14 2021
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Problem Statement:
When I power down my windows laptop and go home (or travel long distances) and continue working I spend several minutes re opening closed windows.

A single click desktop action I can click where the the desktop remembers the exact files I had open and the last positions I had them open on my screen(s).

This helps me pick-up exactly where I left off my work. I sometimes have 10-20 files open while writing and researching! If I have to pack up for a conference it’s frustrating to close it all down and try to remember what I had open when I was working last.
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Thank you for the feedback. unfortunately this ideas board is for feedback about the Microsoft Tech Community itself. To provide feedback about windows and windows features please press the windows key on your desktop and and search for 'feedback hub'.


Thanks Again