Deploy an Azure Kubernetes cluster with Kops

Deploy an Azure Kubernetes cluster with Kops



 Sep 10 2021
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Under the umbrella of the Kubernetes development there is a project called Kops for the provisioning of a Kubernetes cluster on multiple cloud with the aim of standardize the Kubernetes operations.


At the moment Azure is not really supported in Kops (alpha and limited support) and to deploy an unmanaged cluster one must use AKS-Engine, which caused not a few problems in the recent past.


It would be nice to speed up the development of Kops - Azure in order to use the same operations tool to deploy on all the major cloud providers.

Having the same tool will save a lot of DevOps's time.


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Thanks for the idea! However, this space is only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for Microsoft products. Sorry about that.

In case anyone reading this is considering using AKS Engine, which is deprecated, I'd like to instead point you to Kubernetes Cluster API Provider Azure:


Cluster API is a subproject of Kubernetes started by SIG Cluster Lifecycle and supports numerous providers including Azure, helping with the OP's stated goal of using the same tooling across providers. (Kops is a different approach, so I'm not addressing that here, but rather offering an alternative with more Azure support.)