Default Toolbar for Community

Default Toolbar for Community



 Mar 03 2020
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Hello tech community,


Often times I have two browsers opened, side-by-side, and in doing so cannot view the entire toolbar when posting a reply in the community. Take for example:


It isn't until I widen my browser that I am able to select the "..." or "Expand toolbar"


My question... would it be possible to include the "Expand toolbar" option regardless of the size of the browser? Or better yet, have the option of customizing the toolbar to show the tools that you use most often?

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I'd want this too, the toolbar should be more responsive to screen size change. it can even become a vertical bar when screen is too narrow. Upvoted.

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Status changed to: Planned

We will work to fix the toolbar so it adapts correctly for screen sizes.


Would love to be able to customize the toolbar per user but that is not supported currently.