Create the Group "Insiders"

Create the Group "Insiders"



 Jul 15 2016
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In my opinion and as an Office & Windows Top Insider, we need a group in which we can discuss about the new builds, the new features and about all the Insider stuff connecting with Office 365  & Windows.


So please create this group and if it is possible please give me the groupadmin rights.



Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your feedback, @Raphael Köllner. We're keeping the community small for Public Preview and will consider adding more groups come September.

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This is very likely coming in the future. Hold tight! 

Hi Maddie, Hi Lana and Michael,


we will stay turnt :)


Best regards from Germany and the Windows Insider Team and the new event #winsiders4good


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Hi all,


Thanks for the feedback, insiders groups are migrated by each product and while some do live here its very much up to each product group where they put these communities. 


We will of course keep working to make the Tech Community a one stop shop for all your needs.