Create MTC ( Community insider )

Create MTC ( Community insider )



 Feb 15 2023
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The inspiration for this idea came from the Community Manager's response:


We report to our product teams regularly on posts that are still awaiting replies, there is no 'flagging' of these posts available to users. We are still trying to get our 'Community insider' initative off the ground which may give the opportunity for a select group of key influencers an opportunity to flag discussions that are needing a reply but until then feel free to flag any pressing topics in the community discussion area.   "

                                                                                                                                                   as often confirmed responses by users are missing, or from the Microsoft team – the MTC Community Insider Group -> could mark responses as a solution, or add responses as MTC Insider.

Of course, this requires more careful thought and ideas on this topic!

I am asking for opinions and support of my idea.

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If you want to have - a quick and correctly marked answer (as a development)

Please vote for this idea to create such a modern initiative that can help in MTC :)

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Upvoted. And to the managers, please don't close this. Let people have their say yes?

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Thank you so much!

I ask everyone to add feedback to this topic, which may be a step forward in the Community :)


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We want to know where we can get answers about the NEVER COMBINE problem with the w11 taskbar.  I have to downgrade a machine, because of this issue.  I will NEVER upgrade my other machines until this issue is fixed.


We can't find anyplace where microsoft addresses this issue.  What we do find are 3rd party developers who do better work than internal microsoft developers.  How can that be?

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Hi, @Jim_T1405

Thank you for voting!

I have been here 2 years and I know that getting answers from Microsoft engineers is unattainable (unfortunately) -> MTC Forum are the most active users 

Microsoft does not always officially want to comment on user posts, therefore:

The MTC Insider Group could fill in this area - the lack of information that users are waiting for!

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Status changed to: Planned
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Thank you!

MTC - will be the first Microsoft space in which it will be implemented - > such a modern idea. ^^

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I recently encountered a situation where a vital response was missing from a discussion thread. Despite several users confirming the need for a response, it seemed to go unnoticed by the community manager or the telecommunity team. In light of this, I proposed the idea of implementing a Telecommunity Insider Group, comprising trusted and knowledgeable members who could mark responses as solutions or contribute their own concrete estimating services insights. This group would help ensure that important discussions receive the attention they deserve and that accurate information is readily available to users.

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It's a great idea to have a feature that allows key influencers or the MTC Community Insider Group to flag discussions needing a reply or mark responses as solutions. This would improve community engagement and ensure important topics get addressed promptly. I support this initiative and hope it receives further consideration and implementation from the Microsoft team.

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Status changed to: Completed
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Thank you very much :)