Create a Stand-Alone Windows 10 App

Create a Stand-Alone Windows 10 App



 Mar 05 2020
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I would be great if Microsoft created a stand-alone Windows 10 App for the Tech Community. It could use local caching to speed up interaction performance and integrate with Windows 10 notifications.

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In new Microsoft Edge , you have option to make website like application and you just visit website and make it install like app and it works like what you said. Having standalone app like in Microsoft Store is not recommended for Microsoft Tech Community due to its design. 


Therefore, I would like improve your suggestion by saying make Microsoft Tech Community support Microsoft Edge install app feature which also support local cache too.

Hi, to integrate with Windows 10 notifications, this is what they need to do:

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Thank you for your feedback, as noted by other users something similar is already possible. Unfortunately the resources needed to build an app that keeps pace with the website design would be prohibitive. I suspect, if we have the resources for it, we would probably build a mobile app long before a windows 10 app.