Create a "Yammer Bugs" group

Create a "Yammer Bugs" group



 Jul 15 2016
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The Yammer Bugs group proved its utility in O365 Network. Even though this network is not for bug fix, you WILL get posts here asking about things that are new, different, or non-functional. Community managers still often need to determine, with helpful input from others in different networks, whether something they're seeing is bug, test, or feature.


Our collaboration on bug identification speeds the identification and resolution of issues, benefiting not only us as your customers, but Microsoft as a provider of break-fix service.


If you don't give us a group, you'll simply see bug-driven activity littering your other group feeds that I'm sure you'd rather see targeted to other value-oriented topics. 

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yes please, and thank you
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Yes, please!

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Agreed. On point as usual @Deleted.



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I would like this as well. The old group was so valuable to me in my current role.

What she said! Woman Very Happy


I would like a bugs group as well please.

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Yes please!

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Makes sense to me. Thanks Melanie

I see this as a must have in The Transition from the old network. 

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This is a must. Can't imagine a new platform without it.

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Yes! Yammer Bugs has the added oomph of being a proven valuable resource--and will easily fit in here with ever-expanding ROI.

Yes please. We need a Yammer Bugs group so that we do not overwhelm the main discussion threads. We also need a "Yammer Admin Best Practices" group and probably several more. 

Status changed to: Under review
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@Anna Chu what was the outcome of the Review?


Presumably there's been some kind of decision made as it's been Reviewed?

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Hi @Chris Moon, the official avenue to log a bug report is  For product suggestions and feedback customers should use the official UserVoice forum


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Status changed to: Not at this time.

Thank you for your idea As noted in the previous reply bugs, and product suggestions should be submitted via the Yammer uservoice. 

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Status changed to: Closed