Contact about gamecheat malware childporn

Contact about gamecheat malware childporn



 Feb 07 2021
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Hi MS! You should make a anticheat program for whole window not just 1 game but the whole gaming industry played On pc i know there’s alot who works against you and it’s hard but why not Freeze Windows files and game files and only make licenced program make it into the computer same with Viruses it would be so much easier for the World and start with no login without and ID.. same with e-mail hide e-mail better so we dont get our mail spammed with phishing. Companies PAY cheating companies to not make a cheat for the game for a while and then it’s all over.. take cod Series or star Wars battlefront 2 or any shooting game. It would be an insane Big income for your **bleep**.. and i think it would be easy just to lockdown files in some sort of Authenticator for the app make it safe to use and not a place for every single criminal in the world, i think you Got a Big responsibility about this. Just wondering i been playing games since 1996 and never met so many cheaters in My life than theese last years and had so many fake mails. Take Care of this please your system your rules. Allso do a scanner for childporn and **bleep** like that this World Got so cruel and there’s no filter untill police shows up .. what the hell is that.. just search for redrooms for examble you would hopefully think twice about what your system is used for. And dont say that people would just use another system you Got to start somewhere and then sell it to other companies. Use your fat money On something good for once. Authenticator is My answer to this but i Bet you find an solution when you throw it On the table! Facescan etc...
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