Concept to avoid common Microsoft Outlook issues

Concept to avoid common Microsoft Outlook issues



 Nov 11 2017
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Hello ,


I am working in a IT service of a company that owns more than 300000 computers around the world.

I have found  a way to avoid most of Outlook issues such as :


- Ost file is exceeds size limits

- Ost file is unable to display folder

- Outlook cannot open OST file, access denied

- Impossible to open attached documents in Outlook

- Outlook is working slowly

- Outlook error 0x800ccc78 and 0x800cccof

- Outlook is not responding , stuck at "processing", stopped working , freezes or hangs.


The company would like to develop the system because it cost hundreds thousands of Tickets every year. I suspect they want to develop internal the software to sell it after to Microsoft.

As those problem is well known and request round 40 min to be solved.


Is it possible to develop it directly in Microsoft company or to have a contact to expose the idea ?





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@Geoffrey Sola


Thank you for submitting your idea, as you have correctly identified the idea's board is for idea's to improve the community. Please submit your product feedback for Outlook to the Microsoft Outlook UserVoice.



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