Comment section under someones profile

Comment section under someones profile



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I think it would be a nice-to-have, if there would be comment section under someones profile, to write fe. a friendly message about the person or anything else :)


Let me know your opinions



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Please explain more precisely!

When you register an account, you can write your story and it is available, so would your idea rely on it?

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I was talking about a comment section, where you can post comment on someones profile :D

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This is unacceptable to me!

Such comments may only be internal!

I am surprised that in public spaces you propose to evaluate other Members MTC

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Who want to evaluate others? I don't know how u think, or what people u know, but I and my colleauges would use this to write some friendly comments under each others profile and that's it 


Im kinda disappointed of this negative aura in this community about new ideas in total :\

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You asked me in a private message to give feedback on your ideas - so I did it only on my behalf!




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Its alright, u made nothing wrong, I was just wondering about the negative aura in total in the MTC about new ideas :')

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I would like you to convince me and other Members of your ideas by presenting arguments!!


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For me in MTC, the most important thing is access to solutions - modern Microsoft IT technologies , which are made available in this space!

I do not view the profiles of MTC Members and even the best reviews under the profile will not replace the actual help and this is confirmed by likes and marking the best answer!

I do not consider it appropriate to create such comments in the profile!

And that's why there's a discussion so that other Members can comment.

Concert comments don't add any value since they are from concrete person and related to concrete situation. You may see how many posts the member submitted, how many best responses and like she/he has. Such integrated information is enough.

Let me simplify. If from 1000 post the person has no likes/best responses and one very positive comment it means nothing. The opposite woks, if from 1000 posts 500 bets responses, 800 likes and one very negative answer that also means nothing.

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@Schnittlauch Another interesting idea but also outside our scope. I think there are other website where this can be done, some owned by Microsoft... Linkedin, for example.