Clouding service direction

Clouding service direction



 Feb 27 2021
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Hi. I am Korean and I live in Vietnam now. I don't speak English well, so I hope you understand

I don't know if I can write something like this here, but I write this because I like MS and MS puts a lot of effort into cloud services.

I know that cloud services require space such as a center to store a lot of data, and it costs a lot to eliminate the heat generated there.

That's why I think, cell phones and computers are coming out with higher and higher capacities these days, and two people like me aren't able to use them all.

if so. Could it be possible to provide cloud services using the remaining capacity?

I think can group people in the same company together.

Or can't we provide cloud services without the need to create a new data center by giving storage providers financial compensation according to their storage, or by providing storage at the mobile phone manufacturing stage and lowering the price of mobile phones accordingly?

I don't know if it will be financially profitable yet, but I don't have to build a new data center or buy storage, so I think it will be possible for business.

If good at data distribution and encryption, it would be okay.

What do you think about this?
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Oh, and if you want to do business with this, give me an idea fee. Haha

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I am sorry this idea is out of Scope of feed back for the Microsoft Tech Community.