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 May 24 2022
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Hello Everyone


What I don't understand is why Microsoft talks about having one type of menu and not being able to choose the type of menu you want yourself, for example.


Start Classic Mode

Start Full Screen 

and the New Start Menu of Windows 11


At this moment I can't distribute Windows 11 because the first users were migrated in October 2021 with the release of Windows 11 as soon as it will be possible to switch to Start Classic Mode but from Nov. 23, 2021.


* Update (23 Nov 2021): This method no longer works because Microsoft banned the change to the Windows 10 Start Menu after updating Windows 11 to build 22000.65.



Fidel Geronimo

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Hello! This idea space is solely for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for products such as Windows 11. Sorry about that.


For ideas and discussions around Windows 11, you can try the Windows 11 discussion space:

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Thanks Eric for the information