Channel/Group for each O365 Service

Channel/Group for each O365 Service



 Jul 15 2016
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Please create a channel/group (not even sure what to call the containers) for every service in O365. This will help know where to post

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Hi @Dean_Gross - we're keeping the community small while in Public Preview but we will definitely consider adding additional groups soon. Thank you!

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Given that the MS staff is going to stop using the Yammer O365 Network, where will the various program managers post their info if there is not a group/channel for them to use in this new network? It needs to be broad and comprehensive during the Public Preview phase so that we can have confidence that the vision of this network is going to be something worthwhile. First impressions are super important, and right now, they are very poor for many people.

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Hi Dean, 


Here's what we currently have. Note that the indivisual product teams are driving a lot of groups we've chosen. For instance Olaf of the Excel team is incredibly involved and has requested multiple groups, hence the large number of Excel groups. Other teams have requested keep in the conversation in one larger group. If a PM requests a group- we're defintely on board to create it!


What else would you like to see?



Office 365

  • Change Alerts
  • Admin Center
  • Developer



  • Office Graph
  • Delve Analytics



  • Formulas and Functions
  • Macros and VBA
  • BI and Data Analysis
  • Chart and Visualizing Data
  • Sharing and Publishing
  • Get and Transform Data
  • Resources and Community

Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Video

OneDrive for Business

Office Apps


  • SharePoint Developer
  • PowerApps and Flow
  • SharePoint BI

Skype for Business





PowerPoint & Office Mix






  • Community Management
  • Yammer Developer


Best Practices & Resources


Getting Started on Office 365

Driving Office 365 Adoption

Security, Privacy & Compliance

Thought Leadership


  • Microsoft Forms
  • Classroom
  • Class Notebook
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This is a big improvement, some things that are still missing are Azure AD, Intune and the Office Store.

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inTune is defintely needed, as well as the rest of the products in the EM+S suite..

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Hi @Dean_Gross and @Tom Cipolla, we are working to bring these products and services into this community. Stay tuned and expect to see big updates soon!

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Hi @Dean_Gross and @Tom Cipolla, here are links to the spaces you suggested: Azure AD, Microsoft Intune

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Thanks, how can we easily see a list of new spaces in the network?

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@Dean_Gross wrote:

Please create a channel/group (not even sure what to call the containers) for every service in O365. This will help know where to post


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Marking this as needs info - Can you specify a list of communities that you would like to see added to the community specifically and we can then review.


Many Thanks

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A lot of new communities have been added since I made that original request 1 year ago, but some that are still missing include:

  1. Dynamics
  2. Power Apps
  3. Flow 

I realize that 2 and 3 are currently in the SharePoint community but they don't belong there because they are stand-alone services that can be used with SharePoint. 

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Would you agree then that this is similar to:






I do not think we have one for Power Apps so could we make this idea to add a "Power Apps" Community?


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While adding another community to this network for PowerApps makes some sense, there are currently 4 communities in which are totally independent of this environment. I think that it would be best if the techcommunity and the powerusers admins could get these 2 environments integrated/consolidated/aligned. Having spaces in this network for powerapps and flow while those other communities exist and are readily accessed from the applications is confusing and not efficient. 

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Now that's an idea!


I know we have been discussing this with our colleagues over at powerusers but at the moment I have nothing further to share on this one. 


Sounds like we should close off this idea as we have flow and Dynamics covered and if you want to submit an idea for merging Tech Community and PowerUsers I will mark it as "Under Review".

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