Caps Letter from keyboard

Caps Letter from keyboard



 Mar 23 2021
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Good afternoon , I have been thinking about the  following idea:

It could be useful when anyone  writes  a cap letter ,name or phrase , sentence  and for any reason people need to change to lower case ,  for example select all the phrase , sentence or paragraph and with specific command or combination of  them like  ctrl+ another key we coud change all the paragraph or letter or sentence already selected to lower case .

It  may be , it  can exist  but I have not seen  it so far 

I hope it can be a good idea 





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Excuse me , I already verified it  , and there is a specific instruction from ribbon  panel at the top that we can change from UPPER CASE to lower case  and viceversa sentence, paragraph or letter 





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Thank you for your idea, this is not something we would look to implement for the Microsoft Tech Community, however it might be some feedback you want to provide the Microsoft Word team, see their community for information on to submit your idea.