Can we have an area for Yammer Product Improvement Ideas? Like this Community Ideas area

Can we have an area for Yammer Product Improvement Ideas? Like this Community Ideas area



 Jul 19 2016
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So - we've got this "Community Ideas" area (group, forum, page - what do you call this?) surrounding the O365 Network forum - but what about an ideas area for Yammer? There is no UserVoice for Yammer - but this could be a good place to record and upvote things for the product. Is that possible? #YammerIdeas

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Why stop there, since I assume this mechanism will (should?) replace use of uservoice (???), an ideas for each product group.

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Hi Amy, 


With the announcement that Yammer is now on UserVoice we will be using UserVoice for this purpose. We do plan on integrating UserVoice with this community. In Microsoft terms- it's on the Roadmap! Expect to see an update in the next month. 

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@Lana O'Brien I replied to this post last week with a link to uservoice. It is not appearing here. Can you check the spam area and release it? I know we had this issue with a post from @Deleted with a link to a LinkedIn blog and @Michael Holste had to fix it. Any way to fix that in the network in general? We're going to have to post links to the external world from time to time. Thanks!

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Hi Amy, your post isn't in our quarantine. Overall our team is working not getting posts caught in the spam quarantine as frequently, however for your particular post I'm not sure what the issue is. I will look into it further. 

Thanks @Lana O'Brien, I'll try again. Here's a link to the Uservoice community very happy to see it out there.

Well, @Lana O'Brien it looks like it worked. UserVoiceLinkWorked.png


@Brent Ellis @Amy Dolzine we have a Yammer UserVoice page as @Lana O'Brien mentioned earlier and we plan to have the UserVoice link available in the Right Hand Rail by September 1st.  @Brent Ellis is correct we are looking at deeper UserVoice integration and will report back on where we are at with that after September 1st.

Great news, @Anna Chu thanks!

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