Better start into MS Tech Community

Better start into MS Tech Community



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I am a "new" member of the MS Tech Community. I personally think a better guide how to start in the MS Tech Community, when creating a profile would be a great thing. 


Let me know your opinions.



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I agree that in the form of such a tutorial after you set up an account in MTC should receive a link to familiarize yourself to avoid problems and misunderstandings!

I support your idea.

Creating of profile shall be self explainable procedure, if something goes wrong contact support. No tutorials here are needed. And yes, before creating the profile you shall know what this resource about, how to use it and what is the Code of Conduct. Based on this information you decide to create or not to create the profile. Above shall be on home page, didn't check now.

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@Siergiej Baklan


Hi! I supported this idea because the information is scattered and it would be good after creating an account in the Community to pass on to get acquainted with the most important things - I had problems with the implementation of translated texts and other problems , but

really worth seriously analyzing!

A set of suggestions and suggestions would be especially suitable for people who do not write in English- we have Members from all over the world worth remembering!

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This is an example of how difficult it is for new Members of the Community to start a discussion

It's worth helping to explain even technical issues to properly start a discussion in the Community and get the answer - which they need.

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This is 1 of like 10 people each month. That's the reason why I posted this idea. 

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Yes , now i like this discussion - that's why it's this space to show and solve

such problems - surely this matter must be examined!

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These examples are certainly very much and I do not think that someone specifically spammer!

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Any kind of confirmation for the first few posts could be a solution.

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Status changed to: Planned
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Thank you 

This is a great decision - Planned!

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Thank you @Allen! <3