Badge system more like Xbox rewards

Badge system more like Xbox rewards



 Jul 21 2016
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I like the badge system, but see some iprovement for it. Maybe it does already exist, but I didn't see it.

1. Make all available Badges viewable in a catalog like in gaming reward systems

2. Provide a view where one can see what to do to achieve the next level or badge

3. Overall use more gamification functionality.

4. Think about a ranking system


That's it.





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Thanks for the feedback, Alexander!

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Status changed to: Under review
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@Alexander Tihme Thank you for your idea's


in 2018 I plan to take a holistic view of how we are using the ranking and badging system on the platform.


It clearly something we need to get right so it will take some time and I will share more as soon as I can.

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Status changed to: Planned
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Status changed to: Working on it
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Status changed to: On Hold

Hi all,


I am fixing a bug with our Ideas which resulting in may ideas loading the correct status. I am marking this Idea as on hold because, although I had planned to do a holistic review of the badging and ranking on Tech Community in 2018, this work got deprioritized over a initiatives for GDPR.


I will however come back to it as soon as possible. @Alexander Tihme has some interesting ideas and I want to take some time to think them through once we have completed a full rank review to make sure how the ranks are structured still provide value to both users gaining the rank and users viewing the rank information to gauge confidence level of given replies. 

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@Alexander Tihme ,


Thanks for the feedback, we are going to undertake a root and branch review of our whole gamification this fall, I will ensure your feedback in included.