Arithmetic here - not an idea, just comment

Arithmetic here - not an idea, just comment



 Feb 04 2017
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That's not first time when i surprised by arithmetic on this site. Checked my dashboard- 39 spaces are here. Way!


Clicked on community:



Only 6 spaces. Oh...

I hope at least number of members is correct, or we can't trust these figures?

Or that's about announced NDA spaces not available for everyone?


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Hi Sergei, 


Luckily the community didn't fail Math 101- those are indeed NDA space, although this is clearly a bug as that number shouldn't be displayed for the average user. Thanks for flagging. 

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Hi Lana,


Thank you. By the way, does the introduction of NDA spaces mean we have within TechC closed (access by invitations) and not searchable subnet, which, from above point of view, is very close to what we had on Yammer?

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@Sergei Baklan


We fixed this and to answer your last question Sergei - yes it does.


Thanks again for your idea

Allen, I totally forgot about existence of these NDA spaces. Is it any way at least to see somewhere the list of such spaces?


If, for example, the person is already under NDA (e.g. MVP), wants to participate in such space and ready to sign any other obligations, (s)he may introduce her/him-self and ask for the invitation - could be accepted or rejected, both is okay. Or ignored, which in general is not okay.

Like it is in Yammer.


Or that's something else?

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I am afraid not, each of the teams that run the NDA communities are responsible for recruitment. I do know that they sometimes seek MVPs to join such groups... I will chat with @Anna Chu to see if I can source a better answer for you here. 



Thank you. That's not what I'd like to join some closed group, only to understand how it works. No rush.


Happy 2018!

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