An app with like artificial intelligence that learn & remember important things of owner's point of

An app with like artificial intelligence that learn & remember important things of owner's point of



 Jan 23 2021
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Respected manager sir,
I want to share my idea with you.
(my idea is in last paragraph)
actually I saw this idea on my dream in night while sleeping.
I belive this idea will be benificial for all human beings on the Earth.
this idea is about people who forget things , name , stuff and many more things in daily life.

I saw i am in my home with my family members.
one of them says to every one
that i is wishing to eat ( he called two - three name of food ) that perticular named food.
after two or three days I and he went to a restaurant.
now he is confused in restaurant what they should order the food.

suddenly I saw
I am not their with my family member.
I saw Late Mr IRFAN KHAN ( bollywood & hollywood famous actor who also worked in Jurassic World & Spider Man).
he is approcing to that my family member with some call.
(actually according to my dream it should be Late Mr. Irfan Khan was with us in my home while my family member was wishing for some special food that he wants to eat).

Late Mr. Irfan Khan come and show him a mobile phone size device and tap on that device.

Device starts speak that " family member was wishing to eat ( device nemed a perticular name of food that my family member was whishing to eat that food ). "

I want to say to you sir that
MICROSOFT must make a app for mobile phones that remembers wishes , likes , important things, list of shopping , meetings many more things.
and app replies with correct answers only people need.
(actually app is listening every time of owner wishes or important things , events etc and rembers only important things)
it will be helpful for many people, and specially people with suffering Alzheimer's disease.

About Me :
I am from India. i am 30 years old and searching job for money.
I shared my idea ONLY with MICROSOFT beacuse I like MICROSOFT.
I run microsoft softare on my PC and my love impressed with my editing work now she is my girlfriend.
so i like MICROSOFT.

Could you please make a app for mobile phones that remebers important things , events or likes many things of people. and answer them only when they are confuse or they need (understand situation or condition )

from :INDIA


(i also send msg through wish option by mistake

i was no idea about this communication option


First, you share your idea with about half billion of this resource users, not only with Microsoft.

Second, only ideas about improving of TechCommunity are considered here.

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with due respect i wish to say that


An app with like an artificial intelligence that learn from owner 

that remember important things, wishes, likes etc

example : 


suppose yesterday my dad was telling me his after retirement future plan .

and suppose I was in bad mood.

I was not giving attention to him at that time.

so I couldn't get my father's after retirement future plan properly that time.

Now I realize that I had to listen my father's wishes.


now here comes An APP that you will make that remember important things, events, wishes etc.

this app know that conversation between me and my father is important so it recorded and makes  sense with that conversation

what was happening that time this app know very well 


so I open that  app on my mobile phone

and ask him

what was daddy saying about his retirement plan ?

then app that you will make sir

replies me

your father was saying that that that .....

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There are so many off topic info in this post, this is not the proper way of suggesting something.

stay on the topic,

and more importantly, post your topic in the correct place.

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where should I put my Idea?


please suggest me links.

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What is it that you are asking?

No offence, but not really interested to read about what you dreamed about or what your father is thinking, like I said there are lots of off topic stuff in your post.


there is feedback hub and then there is UserVoices for each product, depends on what you are asking, which is unclear right now.


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Hello! I'm removing your contact information from your idea as we don't allow private information to be posted publicly. 


The other users are correct in that this idea board is solely a place for feedback around the Microsoft Tech Community. 


I don't know where to recommend you submit this feedback since it is more of an entrepreneurial idea. Sorry about that. 

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