Amount of posts scoreboards

Amount of posts scoreboards



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I was thinking about a scoreboard that shows the people that have been posting the most in the last week/month.

This should give people that are active in this community a good reputation.


What do you think about that?

Feel free to give a feedback!



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Congratulations on your activity!

But I think the MTC is not a place for competition between Members!

I just don't need prizes and boards!

I'll wait for others to evaluate this idea.

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Thank you for your many ideas, we already highlight top contributors in the Microsoft Tech Community in each community hub. There is a line to walk between highlighting and rewarded power users and flagrant self promotion and I think generally we have the right balance between the two.


That's not to say we wont look for opportunities in the future but for now we are happy with the system we have.