Aggregated Blog View

Aggregated Blog View



 Apr 20 2019
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I really like the blog space but I miss an aggregated view. I'm interested in several topics and I would really much appreciate, if I could select the blogs I am interested in and see what's new at a glance, but also keep browsing to older blog posts.


The current blog home page only shows the latest 8 or so posts and does not let me view earlier entries. So if you do not watch it daily, you miss a ton of information.


Not much is needed to enhance the Latest Blog Articles view for that. Make it a one-column list with a summary of the latest entries and add pagination. In a second step, add a filter so we can choose what blog entries to include and what to omit. Or alternatively, highligh entries of favoured blogs but keep entries of other blogs to spark some interest.


Or just add RSS functionality to each blog and I can simply subscribe to them with my favourite RSS reader.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Planned

@Daniel Niccoli 


Thank you for submitting this idea. We have added this to our backlog and submitted to our developers to look into it. We will make sure to circle back with you when there are updates. 

Steel Contributor

Any updates on this? You're offering more and more blogs, which is great. But some of them have several new entries per day that are just not interesting to me. Subscribing to all blogs means that I have sometimes 20-30 articles daily of which 15-25 are just Azure service health notifications and stuff.


It would be great to have an RSS feed that can filter out those, I am not interested in.