Advance Motion Detection Sensor

Advance Motion Detection Sensor



 Oct 25 2020
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Dear Microsoft Team,

Our company made a motion tracking sensor which tracks humans and animals motion at a maximum distance of 5 meter, its operating voltage range is 5Volt to 24 Volt and it only consumes 5 mA current and can detect motion at any direction which makes it better than conventional motion sensors. The sensor can be used for safety or security purposes where only human or animal motion needs to be detected. It can also be used in Robotics, Industrial Automation, Office Automation, Home Automation, Drones, Automobiles and for DIY projects. The price of our sensor is only 5 USD. We would like to know that whether we can get a business contract from Microsoft which will help our company to grow or if there is any other opportunity then please let us know.


Prakshobh Prakash Gaimar
Shenzhen Meixi Technology Co. Ltd.

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We appreciate the idea but this is only for ideas for the Tech Community website, not for product ideas or business opportunities.